Mission & Values

Rosenwald’s approach to academics and school culture is rooted in the belief that college access for our students will pave the way to a better future for our country. Our vision for our school is based on three central beliefs: All means All, Every Kid Deserves to Shine, and Every Voice is Heard. Our school is devoted to building the better world we wish to see.

The mission of Rosenwald Collegiate Academy is to build a better world by preparing all students for college success and lives of limitless opportunity.

We are One: We are stronger together. We treat each other with kindness and understanding. We lift while we climb because the summit is always better when shared with our team. 

We are Proud: We are our ancestors’ wildest dreams. We demand the best from ourselves because we know that we are capable of anything. When we have an opportunity to shine we embrace it, confident in our power and worth. 

We are Courageous: We keep going no matter what. We face challenges, weaknesses, and fears head on so that we may conquer them and grow. We are driven by our convictions - we always do what we believe is right.

We are Joyful: We choose to be positive. We see opportunities when others see barriers. We have fun. We make time every day to celebrate with each other. We are always grateful to do this work with our team.